was co-written w/ Rupert Loydell and published by Shearsman Books


'Sarah Cave’s middle set of poems The Autophagy of Mary have an overall lyricism that is filtered through personal memory, history, and gender politics – this latter the cradle within which everything is rocked, and not to soothe.' - Mike Ferguson

a confusion of marys.jpg

was published by Knives, Forks & Spoons Press in September 2019

'At this teetering moment in humanity’s story, Cave’s Perseverance Valley is an audacious quest into the unknown, sampling a ‘creel of lost and found data’ to evolve our understanding of what consciousness is, and could become. This groundbreaking narrative, with its highly experimental vocal and visual textures, tries the bounds of comprehension as its cast of bots and satellites come to terms with their brave new world. It’s a relief, in this, the Anthropocene, to read a collection that acknowledges with such tenderness and humour that the human species is on the brink of becoming natural history.  A psalm to human creativity, a hymn to the long story of our yearning for the divine – Perseverance Valley messes with your head in a most necessary way.'


    – Jen Hadfield


was published by Broken Sleep Books in November 2018. 

'An Arbitrary Line takes us into a rare spiritual struggle, at once circumspect and innocent, in dialogue with its own contradiction like all properly tested faith; the 'reasonable sacrifice' of the hermetic life which never sacrifices reason itself. Within the images and swerves of its deceptively concise phrasing, its seeming anachronisms and Absurdist flourishes we find a consciousness which is timeless, prayerful and fully human. Also it's funny. Do you have any idea how difficult it is making material like this funny without losing its soul, its focus and ultimate deep seriousness? It's really difficult. A jaw-dropping first collection from a talent I hope to be reading for many years.'

– Luke Kennard


Published by Guillemot Press in September 2018.

An illustrated chapbook about the Moomins. Made in collaboration with the illustrator C.F. Sherrat.

'These are skilfully produced modern lyrics which combine a variety of formal shapes and adaptations with an underlying philosophical thrust which also mixes charm with compassion and a real sense of pathos, quite an achievement in such a short collection.' - Steve Spence, Litter Magazine