The Merits of Tracer Fire (Abridged, 2020)

A Confusion of Marys (Shearsman Books, 2020)

Opportunity's Stargazing (Stegosaurus, 2019) 

Perseverance Valley (Knives, Forks & Spoons Press, 2019)

An Arbitrary Line (Broken Sleep Books, 2018) 

like fragile clay (Guillemot

Press, 2018)

Impossible Songs (Analogue Flashback, 2017) 

Cast on Ice (Smallminded Press, 2016) 

Broken Images (Sunbeats, 2015)

Anthologies & Magazines

Green Blues, Dovetail Publication, 2020

Rewilding: An Ecopoetic Anthology,Crested Tit Collective, 2020 

The Weird Folds: Everyday Poems from the Anthropocene, Dostoyevsky Wanabe 2020

'I Was One Burnt Daughter in a Genealogy' Poetry London, Summer 2019 

'Two Poems' Burning House Press, 2019 

'Night-Phishing on Mars' Erotoplasty, 2018

It All Radiates Outwards (Verve Poetry Press, 2018)

Bedford Square 11 (Ward Wood Publishing, 2018)

'Three Poems' (Datableed Issue 8, 2017)

Warp and Woof (Analogue Flashback, 2017)

The Gospel According to Archbishop Makeshift (Analogue Flashback, 2016) 

Nerve Damage (Analogue Flashback, 2016)

The Weird Folds: Everyday Poems from the Anthropocene (Dostoyevsky Wannabe Books, October 2020)


ATears in the Fence Festival, Zoom, 2020 

A Confusion of Marys Launch w/Ruert Loydell & Maria Stadnicka, Lost-in-Books, 2020

Shearsman Reading Series: February, Swedenborg Hall, 2020

Hauntology: Theatre of Failure's Halloween Special, London, 2020

Tears in the Fence Festival, Stourpaine, 2019

Perseverance Valley/Stargazing Book Launch, Poetry Café, London, 2019

An Arbitrary Line/Doggerland Book Launch, Lost-in-Books, Lostwithiel, 2019

Guillemot Press event Andy Brown, Ben Smith & Fiona Benson, Words in Woods, Cardinham Woods,  2019

Plymouth Language Club at the Athenaum Club, Plymouth, 2019.

'Thomas Merton likes to eat bees', poems translated by Vincent Broqua, Festival Jeunes Écrivains at Galerie Éof, Paris, 2018 

'Disco DADA', Volta, Sir Garnet, Norwich, 2018

like fragile clay Book Launch, Lost-in-Books, Lostwithiel, 2018

Tears in the Fence Festival at Stourpaine Village Hall, 2018

'W.S. Graham Centenary', Port Eliot Festival, St Germans, 2018 

Bodmin Moor Poetry Festival at Sterts Theatre, Cornwall, 2018

Caplet, Hackney, 2018

Verve Poetry Festival at Waterstones, Birmingham, 2018

Tears in the Fence Festival, Stourpaine Village Hall 2017

Oxford Poetry Launch, LRB, 2016

Enemies Project's South West Poetry Tour, 2016


West Norwood Dig Ventures PoetryResidency, St Neot

Roger and Laura Farnworth Poetry & Art Residency,  Warleggan, 2018

Bodmin Moor Poetry Festival Poetry Residence at Hillfort School, 2018 & 2017

Charles Causley Trust's Poet-in-Residence, 2017



Love Spells & Rituals Symposium, Royal Holloway (Zoom), 2020, Chair

Folk Horrors, Falmouth University, Falmouth, 2019, Reader 

Poetry & TV, University of Birmingham, Birmingham 2018, Reader

Poetics of Faith, University of York, York, 2018, Reader


'Taking Pictures of the Sun' Bodmin Moor Poetry Festival's 'One Day in May', 2019

'Can we eat what's already in our mouths?' IntoBodmin, Bodmin, 2019

'Neolithic Layers; Unpeeling the Onion', West Norwood Farm Lottery Funded Dig, Bodmin Moor, 2018 

'Night Phishing on Mars', Hillfort School, Liskeard, 2018

'The DADA Experiment', Hillfort School, Liskeard, 2017

'Politics, Monsters & Orchards', Falmouth University, Falmouth, 2017


2018- Current: PhD, Royal Holloway, University of London

2016-2017: MA in Creative Writing (Distinction), Royal Holloway, University of London

2013-2016 BA in English with Creative Writing (First), Falmouth University